Integrated Development, Sustainable Impact

Nurturing the seeds of a flourishing future

Since 1996, the Adani Foundation, the community engagement arm of the Adani Group, has remained deeply committed to making strategic social investments for sustainable outcomes throughout India. The Foundation has been active in the core areas of education, health, sustainable livelihood, skill development and community infrastructure. Its strategies are rooted in national priorities and global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Foundation is known for its inquisitive and innovative approach to problem-solving. It challenges the status quo and adopts new solutions that lead to sustainable impacts. By building institutions of people and focusing on sustainability, the Foundation contributes to the individual dignity, well-being and wealth of the communities surrounding Adani businesses and beyond.

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Lives touched annualy In FY 22-23



Lives touched annualy In FY 22-23


“To accomplish a passionate commitment to social obligations towards communities, fostering sustainable and integrated development, thus improving quality of life”


“To play the role of a facilitator for the benefit of the people without distinction of caste or community, sector, religion, class or creed, in the fields of education, community health, and promotion of social and economic welfare and upliftment of the people in general.”

Our Work


Adani Foundation is committed to providing accessible and affordable quality education to children across India through cost-free and subsidized schools. We run smart learning programs and government school adoption projects in remote areas to unlock children's true potential. We also support Aanganwadis and Balwaadis, creating engaging environments for children. These scalable educational models are expanding opportunities for more children, helping them build brighter futures.

In FY 22-23


Students received free education in 4 Adani Vidya Mandir School


Students received subsidized education in 29 Adani Schools In FY 22-23


Adani Foundation is committed to extending healthcare to remote regions, understanding its pivotal role in a nation's development. Our primary focus is enhancing access to quality healthcare for underprivileged communities. We operate Mobile Health Care Units (MHCUs), hospitals, clinics, and conduct health camps. Additionally, we offer vital support to the differently-abled and elderly, furthering our dedication to holistic healthcare


Mobile Healthcare Units


Health Camps


Hospitals: GAIMS, Bhuj & Adani Hospital, Mundra

Sustainable Livelihood

Adani Foundation fosters sustainable livelihoods, empowering diverse communities through grassroots efforts. We believe that empowered individuals, with improved living standards, drive national development. We build social capital by championing self-help groups, preserving traditional art, and offering skill development training. Our tailored programs benefit fishermen, farmers, cattle owners, youth, and women.

In FY 22-23


Farmers Supported


Acres of land under cultivation


Improved cattle animals

Community Infrastructure

Community infrastructure significantly affects living standards and the local economy. Access to resources, improved livelihood opportunities, clean drinking water, and quality healthcare enhance productivity, reduce illness, and boost employment. Our Foundation acknowledges the government's pivotal role in providing basic infrastructure. We strive to narrow gaps and tailor our initiatives to meet grassroots needs effectively.

In FY 22-23


Increased Water Storage Capacity


Length of Cement Concrete (CC) roads constructed

Employee Volunteering Program

In line with the motto of 'Growth with Goodness', Adani Foundation believes in utilizing one's well-developed capabilities along with time, skill, power of network and contribution to uplift the lives of the underprivileged.

Pillars of Employee Volunteering Program (EVP)

Joy of Giving & Spreading Happiness

Education & Training

Livelihood & Community Development



Our initiatives aim to reach remotest corners of India and engage local communities to equip them in becoming self-sufficient. Synergies between these initiatives are ushering in development that is sustainable and impacts that are measurable.

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